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GO-Global for Windows

GO-Global for Windows, Web Enabling Technology is a simple server-based solution

GO-Global for Windows eliminates the need for cumbersome, complex software infrastructure such as Citrix Meta Frame, or Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, or RDP software. GO-Global has been designed to work seamless within your current environments.

Whether you are a small-to-medium sized company or a department within a large corporation, GO-Global makes it easy to instantly publish your window applications to your network or the WEB. Access your APPS from your lap top, desktop, MAC. Linus, UBuntu, iPAD, or Android. Your APPS anywhere anytime!

Optional add-on, hopTo MAX for a more robust iPAD and Android experience!

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GO-Global for UNIX | LINUX, Fast and secure access to UNIX and LINUX Applications

GO-Global can meet all your needs and more. Web-enabled applications, private clouds, and cross-platform access provides your employees and other authorized users with easy, secure access to the critical applications and documents they need to do their jobs and improve your bottom line. GO-Global reduces the complexities of application deployment and management. It's the simple remote access solution with easy user administration. Application problems can be solved in a central location, not at the individual desktop locations.

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Tele-Support HelpDesk, Software for Contact Management, Customer Service, Call Tracking, HelpDesk, Tech Support

Your All-In-One Solution with Built in CRM or
         integrate with Act! Contact Manager(v6 through v19)

Permanent License with one-time cost

Tele-Support HelpDesk developed by us and designed for companies who needs a simply CRM solution and HelpDesk all-in-one. Send and receive email's and calls. Link directly to contact or to helpdesk inquiry ticket. Track anything from inception to resolution. Task manager, contract tracking, SSL/TLS Email (POP, IMAP, GMAIL), Workflow, and so much more. With over 1K+ installation in nearly 35 different countries, Tele-Support HelpDesk is versatile, powerful, easy to use, and extremely price-conscious.

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Act! CRM Act! is the #1 best-selling Contact Manager, trusted by individuals, businesses's, and sales teams to get organized.

Flexible CRM that's uniquely yours. Act!'s greatest strength is its incredible flexibility when it comes to business processes's, which means it can be easily adapt to your needs.

One toolset, unlimited possibilities for success.

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Healthy Server

Healthy Server, Backup, Restore, Protect

Healthy Server Offsite Backup and Healthy Workstation Offsite Backup.

Healthy Server Offsite Backup, each customer receive a free backup server. Each day you'll get a patented three-way backup: backup onsite, backup offsite and backup to archive. Engineers will monitor your backups and correct problems even before they happen.

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