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List of Current Special Technical Notices

    Notice 1:     Goldmine and Helpdesk, cannot open both at same time

    Notice 2:     Upgrading ACT! 6 or older

    Notice 3:     ACT! 2009 version 11.1 compatiblity with Tele-Support HelpDesk

    Notice 4:     Crystal Reports and Tele-Support HelpDesk version 4 and newer

    Notice 5:     Goldmine Compatiblity with HelpDesk

    Notice 6:     Tele-Support HelpDesk License voids

    Notice 7:     ACT! 11.1 release and HelpDesk Activity

    Notice 8:     GO-Global Support Portal

    Notice 9:     HelpDesk stopped responding

    Notice 10:     Moving a licensed copy of Tele-Support HelpDesk

Resource Dynamics, Inc.

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