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GEN0000001   ACT! License Count
GEN0000002   User Account Types
GEN0000005   AS/400 Client Access
GEN0000006   MSADO15.dll Access Violation
GEN0000007   Ordinal 52 in WSOCK32.dll can't find
GEN0000008   Run Time Error 216 E Printer
GEN0000009   TM ini file Missing
GEN0000010   TM Tool Bar Missing
GEN0000011   TM User Locked in System
GEN0000012   Win32 API Error
GEN0000013   Denial of Service
GEN0000014   No Buttons on Internal Report Preview
GEN0000015   Disk or Network Error
GEN0000016   Opportunistic Locking on Windows NT
GEN0000017   HTL OCX Error Opening Help File

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