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Tele-Support HelpDesk, Software for

Customer Sales & Service, Help Desk, Call Tracking, Technical Support

Stand Alone all-in-one built in CRM or inegrates w/ Act! from Sales to Support

Tele-Support HelpDesk 
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Tele-Support HelpDesk

Built in customizable Contact Manager or integrate with Act!

Software for contact management | customer service | call tracking | helpdesk | tech support.

Tele-Suppot HelpDesk is for companies who need an all-in-one solution to manage their contacts and take calls and emails for customer service or helpdesk support and want to track issues from inception to resolution. With over 1000+ installations in nearly 35 different countries, HelpDesk is versatile, powerful, easy to use, and extremely price-conscious.

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Go-Global for Windows v5

Web Enabling Technology is a simple server-based computing solution. GO-Global eliminates the need for cumbersome, complex software infrastructure such as Citrix MetaFrame, or Microsoft Windows Terminal Services software. GO-Global has been designed to work seamlessly within your current environment.

Whether you are a small- to medium-sized business or a department within a large corporation, GO-Global makes it easy to instantly publish your applications to your network or the Web. Access your APPS from you laptop, desktop, iPad and Android. Your APPS anywhere, anytime!

Introducing in version 5.0.1 GO-Global Touch Enabled - Just add hopTo MAX for a more robust iPad and Android experience!

see short hopTo MAX presentation here

Act! Premium v19

The #1 best-selling customer & contact manager software. Act! is powerful customer and contact manager system that's simple, easy-to-use, and enable individuals, small businesses, and sales teams to work the way they need to work. In the office, on the web, and on a mobile device. automation, integrated email marketing, lead and opportunity tracking, and integration with business productivity tools like OutlookŪ and GmailŪ enable users to work smarter and grow their business.

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